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I’m Kevin Date, the founder of KYNN, plus an Accountant by trade, Deputy CFO, freelance website developer and an U.S. Army veteran.

With today’s vast amount of start-ups and small businesses, I saw a need for technical and financial support, both vital aspects of operating a business. We enjoy partnering with other businesses to contribute our skills and knowledge in order to save them time and money.

KYNN’s mission is to always provide value and be an asset to small businesses while they continue their own. We are based out of New York City, but because we are 100% virtual, our services are borderless.

Contact us for a consultation and we look forward to working with you!

Top Quality Service

We take great pride in our performance and strive to deliver results that you will be highly satisfied with.

Deeply Committed

We never bite off more than we can chew, so you can rely on having extreme focus on your business needs.

Highly Skilled

Years of experience in financial and tech sectors, top caliber education and staying in tune with industry standards.